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Lumber Dry Kiln Parts & Services


Structural repair

Steam main and condensate return repair

Kiln painting and coating

Field services to evaluate kiln repairs and make recommendations for upgrades

Identification and location services for used equipment

Installation – from individual dry kiln parts to a complete kiln

Foundation thru startup

Foundation repair work


Consulting on all dry kiln requirements and design assistance

Emergency breakdown service


Kiln Truck Rail

            Rail sections and hardware

            Lift out sections at door fronts

            Stainless steel sections at door fronts

            Foundation imbeds for door fronts, floor baffles and kiln rail

            Load stops


            Wall panels

            Roof panels

            End wall panels

            Access man doors, individual or complete assembled replacement panel

            Access door seals and hardware

            Implosion protection panel relief system

            Panel attachment and sealing components

            Panel extrusion members for major dry kiln suppliers

            Insulation and aluminum materials for onsite fabrication of damaged panels

            Flashing materials for roof and wall panel repair

            Aluminum catwalk systems for access to roof vents, external fan motor drive

            systems, control system penetrations or general roof access inspection and repair

            Common wall valley repair materials

Fan Systems



            Drives/internal and external/including support system

            Shafting for line shaft fan systems

            Bearings for older or newer line shafts

            Fan support steel

            Fan shroud panels including orifice rings complete or individual components


            Replacement floor sheet assemblies

            Floor baffles sections or complete assemblies

            End wall baffle and location hardware

            Ceiling baffles sections, lifting cable, pulleys and required hardware

            One location ceiling baffle lift system (some items can be supplied in mild steel,

            aluminum or stainless)

Heat Systems

            Overhead and center coil bank assemblies with several options of pipe and fin

            sizes and spacing available

            Individual fin pipe sections for field repair

            Diaphragm valves new and rebuilt

            Steam traps and replacement parts


            Vent assemblies.  Operators and replacement hardware for several dry kiln



            Replacement doors for most kilns

            Door carriers for lifting and moving doors

            Door castings for door carriers and kiln rail

            Adjustable mullion pin slide assemblies

            Door carrier wheels

            Several types of seal systems for large doors and man access doors

Kiln trucks and bunks

            Kiln truck assemblies including wheels and axles.  Standard design or to your

            custom needs.

            Bunks for your trucks, separate or assembled to trucks.

            Truck frames only

            Plastic bushings or steel roller bearings or specialty axles

            Kiln trains (ref: typically used in Canada)


            Water boxes


            Wet bulb wicks

            New or rebuilt pneumatic controllers


            Repair parts for pneumatic controllers


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Lumber Dry Kiln Repair

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